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Video: Old-Time Hockey: Native NHL Player Cody McCormick Drops the Gloves


Despite missing the start of the delayed 2012-2013 NHL season because of an injured hand, gritty Buffalo Sabres centerman Cody McCormick, Oneida/Chippewa/Ojibway, showed that he was ready to go on February 17 by dropping the gloves and scrapping with rugged Pittsburgh Penguins left wing Tanner Glass. McCormick, 6'3", 221 pounds, won the fight, and even demonstrated some sportsmanship by holding back while Glass was momentarily caught in his jersey during the bout.

You can watch the fight here:


The Sabres have been looking to get tougher, so McCormick's return is welcome. They really hope he can return to his 2010-2011 form, when he skated in 81 games (out of 82), scored 20 points (8 goals, 12 assists) and racked up 142 minutes in the penalty box (17th most in the league). Injuries limited the 6'3", 221-pounder from London, Ontario, to 50 games last season.

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