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Video: Octopus Not Ready for Its Closeup Wrestles Camera Away From Diver

[node:summary]Octopus wrestles diver for camera in Bluefish Cove off Carmel, California.
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Here is one octopus’s garden you might not want to visit.

Divers David Malvestuto, 34, and Warren Murray, 56, were swimming and filming in Bluefish Cove off Carmel, California, on February 1 when they were accosted by a camera-shy—though far from intimidated—octopus that tried to wrest the camera out of Murray’s grip.

The two told the New York Daily News that they were not frightened, as octopuses generally are merely curious rather than dangerous.

Nevertheless, the experienced divers wanted to be able to prove that this was not simply another fish tale, so Malvestuto kept the video camera rolling during the incident. Murray worried that the octopus would snap some of his fingers, but instead he did the snapping—of photos, that is—and the flash scared the cephalopod away. He suspected that the octopus saw itself in the camera lens and thought it had octo-company, he told the New York Daily News.

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The scuffle footage plus stills from the attacked camera have gone viral in a YouTube video posted by Malvestuto. It is a bit reminiscent of what a bear did to a wildlife camera a couple of years ago. 

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