Video: Mummers Parade Dancers in Redface for 'Pow Wow' Performance


Yesterday we posted a story about a racially-insensitive skit put on at the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia on New Year's Day. 

A tipster has brought to our attention some videos that many readers will find to be more shocking. They depict a string band performance featuring dozens of dancers in faux Indian regalia, their faces darkened with makeup. 

There are several videos of this group online, with quiet murmurs of commentary on the racial aspect. Here's one:

"To the haters posting on all the Quaker City videos, go hate somewhere else, no wants to hear your negative thoughts. This was done for entertainment and was very well researched. No offense was meant so take a hike."

One could go on at length about why such a costume is considered racist, although a common and very effective argument goes like this: If caucasian dancers were to paint their faces brown or black, and wear "African" costumes (no matter how "well researched"), would that be considered racist?

The wearing of blackface in the parade was officially outlawed in 1964. It would seem that redface has not been discouraged in the slightest. This group, the Quaker City String Band, won second place:

Visit Phl17.com for a gallery of photos of the Quaker City String Band in costume.