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Video: More Winter Weather Wackiness, With Spinning Ice Disks

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From the Midwest to the Northeast, the winter’s polar weather is creating phenomenon not often seen in the continental United States.

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But snow rollers, or naturally formed, log-shaped snowballs, are not the only strange icy configurations that have been manifesting in these uber-cold winter months. Spinning ice disks, flat slabs of frozen water that can form at the bend in a river, are being sighted as well. On January 22 one Daniel Ostler captured this video of one on an Idaho river. 

Crazy Rare Ice Circle Phenomenon in Idaho!

Back in November, even before the Winter Solstice ushered in the darkest of seasons, retired engineer George Loegering spotted a huge spinning circle of ice bits in the Sheyenne River of North Dakota. For this one to form, cold, dense air conspired with an eddy in the river, the Associated Press reported.

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Raw: Rare N.D. Ice Disk Found