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Video: High Schooler Says Basketball Is Life

Video: Oneida Nation H.S. Lady Thuderhawk Says Basketball Is Life
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Jessica House is passionate about basketball. The graduate of Oneida Nation High School has been playing basketball since she was eight years old.

“I just had a really big passion to play basketball for Oneida Nation,” said House who is from the Oneida Tribe in Wisconsin. “Basketball’s my life, and so is the culture.”

In 2004, House watched her older sister Maria score the 1000th point of her high school basketball career and she vowed that she too would become a Lady Thunderhawk and score 1000 points.

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On February 23, 2013, she accomplished her goal. House, the team’s captain and point guard, scored her 1000th point against Milwaukee Bradley Tech, ending her high school career with 1003 points.

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The Lady Thunderhawks basketball team was the first team to win a regional championship in Oneida Nation High School’s history. The varsity basketball team has become a source of pride in the community and the school’s cultural mission is to empower students by giving them the opportunity to develop pride in their unique cultural identity.

Today, House plays basketball at Concordia University of Wisconsin and studies early childhood education.

“In order to play basketball,” House said to The “You have to be in the culture.” 

Watch Jessica's short story below.