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Video: Halloween Costume Tips from American University Queers and Allies

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American University Queers and Allies put together this funny video about how to create a costume that doesn’t disrespect any culture.

“Dressing with respect means choosing a costume that doesn’t fetishize, sexualize, or make a joke out of cultures or identities,” says Jake, one of the students in the video. “Be aware of your costume, making sure it isn’t sexually, racially, or ethnically offensive.”

This includes headdresses, sombreros and head scarves—none of them are okay.

“’Deluxe Mexican Tequila Popping Dude’ is not a costume,” says Jake.

“Neither is ‘sexy Native American priestess’” says Michael, another student in the video.

The offer other costumes that are not okay, but then show some funny examples of homemade costumes that do work.

Check it out: