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VIDEO: Faux Indian With Painted Face Included in Rodeo Comedy Skit

[node:summary]Faux Indian in Painted Face Included in Rodeo Comedy Skit
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The organizers of the Central State’s Fair Rodeo in Rapid City, South Dakota, are facing scrutiny for their August 22 comedy skit where a man in faux Native American regalia and painted face leaps from the trunk of car and is immediately chased by a man dressed as a police officer.

Chase Iron Eyes of reports that the skit was before “a largely white audience in an attempt at slapstick spoof comedy.”

“This can’t be real,” writes Iron Eyes. “Well – we are talking about a rodeo, in the Northern Plains where social evolution is seemingly 30 years behind. Then the announcer exclaims, “LOOK! IT’S THE INDIAN; GET HIM! GET HIM!” and it doesn’t end there, as everyone breaks into a pop performance of Village People’s YMCA.”

Full video here.

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