Video: Elizabeth Warren 'Punked' Into Signing 'Pow Wow Chow' Cookbook


Below is a video that has turned up on Buzzfeed.com showing Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate hoping to unseat Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, signing a cookbook of Native American recipes to which she contributed some time ago.

According to Buzzfeed, the Scott Brown campaign has been "sending around" (e-mailing, perhaps) this video, which was posted on the YouTube channel run by conservative radio host Howie Carr.

Warren and Brown participated in their first debate last night, and as ICTMN reported, Brown brought up the issue of Warren's Native claims. The back-and-forth had Brown calling into question Warren's "character" and Warren rebutting that "the question has been asked and answered."

Yet such a relatively polite exchange at the podium isn't the only manner in which Warren's "Indian problem" is discussed in public. This video and the text on the YouTube page where it is hosted give more of a street-level view -- and what's happening in the streets isn't always pretty. Warren is called "Fauxchahontas" and "Lieawatha" on the YouTube page. (For the record, Hiawatha was a man.)

The United States is a deeply polarized country; in this election cycle any sign of weakness is seized upon by the other side with glee, and troops are rallied with chants and digs. It's been observed that the electorate sometimes seems more like a professional wrestling audience than voters. Warren's "Indian problem" is a topic deserving of discussion -- but it has also become a schoolyard taunt. As the text on the YouTube page points out:

"As you watch, be sure to listen for the Indian war whoops coming from the cars passing through Kelly Square."

Yes, we heard them.