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VIDEO: Dine’ Model Sage Honga’s ‘100 Years of Dine’/Navajo Beauty’ Featured in ‘Cosmo’

In a clip being lauded by Cosmopolitan as “One of the best "100 Years" videos yet,” Navajo/Dine model Sage Honga demonstrates the fashion of Navajo/Dine’ women over the past 100 years as part of a series being released by ‘WatchCut Video’ on Youtube.

In her second ‘Watchcut Video,’ Hongo talks about Navajo fashions through the decades and her appreciation for her mother Charlotte Honga’s influence in her life.

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“My mother has always spoken our language so proudly...whenever she speaks to me in Navajo it is so comforting to me and makes me feel at home, and it makes me feel closer to her, my grandmothers and the women in my family. It just reminds me of who I am,” said Honga in the video.

In a discussion about the appropriation of such organizations as Urban Outfitters, and the stereotypes portrayed on Columbus Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Honga says in the video interview that her culture is not to be considered a costume.

“Anything Native Americans wear, there is a process. It’s done with prayer, it’s done with song.”

Sage says such appropriation as “Navajo-designed” underwear by Urban Outfitters or appropriating costumes, “is against everything we stand for and it does not represent us in any way, shape, or form.”

Honga also speaks about the beauty and use of traditional turquoise jewelry, the importance of minimal makeup and also made reference to the situation in Standing Rock and #NoDAPL.

“All of this destruction happening to our land, Mother Earth isn’t going to give back to us - it is going to poison her. That water, that every living thing needs to survive, will be gone. My heart and spirit is calling me out there.”

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