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Video: Cherokee Student Uses Her Creativity In Automotive Training

Cherokee student Fayth Washington, a senior at Tahlequah High School, spends half her day at Indian Capitol Technology Center studying auto repair.
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Fayth Washington, a senior at Tahlequah High School, doesn’t spend her full school day at the high school. She also attends Indian Capitol Technology Center where she studies auto collision repair.

She became interested in collision repair through her uncle and grandfather, and she likes to add her creativity to her automotive studies.

“She has a very artistic side… that’s her niche is refinishing, she’s very detailed… very talented,” says Bill Sprague, an automotive repair & refinishing instructor at the center. “She has a good head on her shoulders, she’s very willing to do what she’s asked to do, stays on tasks… very good student.”

Fayth’s grandmother has kept her Cherokee traditions alive, and she’s proud of that. She also sings with Native Praise, a female Native American choir, that sings in native languages.

Watch Fayth’s story below: