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Video: Cherokee Elder Talks Candy and Santa Claus

Cherokee Elder Louise Robbins talks about her twin sister, her younger brother, and their favorite candy growing up.
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Cherokee Elder Louise Robbins talks about her twin sister, and little brother, who was born when she and her sister were 7 years old. “He was a big baby, he weighed almost 10 pounds; he was born at home,” she says.

Robbins and her sister were the first twins to be born at the Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1939. “It hadn’t been open very long,” she says in the video.

She talks about playing with dolls, and playing cars with her brother. Their favorite treat was Sugar Daddy candy—they would ask their father to get it when he went grocery shopping. “He’d come back from grocery shopping, and the first thing we’d look for is those candies,” Robbins says in the video.

Growing up, her mother would make pies for Santa Claus, but Robbins investigated and discovered Santa was actually her uncle.

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