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Video: Cherokee Elder Daggie Ketcher Walker Talks Eating ‘Steak’ and Stealing Apples

Cherokee Elder Daggie Ketcher Walker talks about "steak" day, the toys she didn't really have, and going to boarding school.

Cherokee Elder Daggie Ketcher Walker was born in what she called a “hut house” at Rocky Mountain. She says they had marbles to play with growing up. “We really didn’t have any toys, we just played around under that tree… it was enjoyable,” she says.

She explains how her mom would walk to the store, and the first of the month was “steak” day, though steak to her growing up was bologna. Other treats could be a box of cereal. Her mother kept big gardens, “whatever she had in those gardens, that was what we ate.”

She talks about jumping over the fence at school to steal apples because they were hungry. She said they didn’t mind where they went to school at first because they could collect some apples on the way home from over the fence.

When boarding school came along they could no longer speak Cherokee, and all the freedom they had was gone. “It just wasn’t home no more,” she says in the video.

Watch the full video below: