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VIDEO: Check Out Native Hip-Hop Artist StenJoddi’s Unbreakable

In case you weren’t aware, StenJoddi, Native hip-hop artist, tattoo artist and CEO and co-founder of TattooMusik Group, has been making some serious waves on the Native and underground hip-hop scene with his numerous live performances and his recently released albums TattooMuzik2 and TattooMuzik3.

As an enrolled member of the Mvskoke Creek Nation of Oklahoma, StenJoddi (which means "Native" in the Mvskoke Creek Language) became a fan of music early in his life from rock and country influences while being raised in Oklahoma.

In addition to his life as a music artist and producer, StenJoddi also is an accomplished tattoo artist in his hometown of Mason City, Iowa, where he lives with his wife and five children.

As a father of five, StenJoddi writes on his website that he has been focused “on helping the youth by talking with them & showing them that creating avenues for your future is all about applying yourself to a goal or dream.”

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In this ICTMN A&E segment - check out StenJoddi’s: Unbreakable (Official TattooMuzik3 Video.)

You can check out more of his music tracks, videos and tattoo work on