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VIDEO: Bethany Yellowtail Reveals Newest 'Holiday Capsule Collection'

Native designer Bethany Yellowtail has a new holiday collection!

Northern Cheyenne and Crow woman, creator and clothing designer Bethany Yellowtail has just revealed her latest plethora of fashion eye candy: her ‘Holiday Capsule Collection.’

As stated in a release her newest collection is described as follows:

The grace of classic silhouettes in this collection features intricate design details with many beaded and embroidered elements. This is designer Bethany Yellowtail’s deeply personal translation of love, and the essence of wild roses and indigenous florals are her testament to an inherent connection that transcends time.

Yellowtail adds, “I feel this collection more than I can speak it into words. I wanted to capture the wonderment of natural beauty from my homelands, and offer a reflection of sacred creation and connection. Several pieces feature the Northern Cheyenne Mountain, River, and Star designs which speak to the pure simplicity of everlasting being and way of life.”

For a full view of this season's creative expression featuring the mother-daughter muses Petra Reyes & Kahara Hodges (Diné) singing an original song, "The Beauty Way” with permissions from Jay Begaye, watch the video here:


For more information on Bethany Yellowtail's 'Holiday Capsule Collection,' please visit her website at