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Video and Petition: Children Say ‘Andrew Jackson Has Got to Go’

A group of students from Massachusetts are petitioning the Obama administration to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.
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A group of students from Massachusetts are petitioning the Obama administration to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and replace him with “someone who was more committed to liberty and justice for ALL.”

“Although Andrew Jackson was a war hero, a champion of the common man, and a popular president, his shameful treatment of slaves and Native Americans should disqualify him from being on the $20 bill,” says the petition.

“While leading troops against Native Americans, Jackson favored killing women and children after massacres to eliminate future threats. As a prosperous slave owner, he sympathized with those who wanted tribal land for cotton production. As President, he passed the Indian Removal Act and initiated the forced removal we now call the Trail of Tears. When the Supreme Court sided with the Cherokee, Jackson became the only president to openly defy a Supreme Court ruling,” the petition continues.

“Even by the standards of his time, he was vindictive and dishonorable. Certainly, we can find a better role model than Jackson!”

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The students also created a video urging people to sign their petition and remove Jackson.

The children need 100,000 signatures by June 15 to get President Barack Obama to issue a formal response. So, if you agree with them—that Andrew Jackson has got to go, sign the petition at

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