Video: AIM's ‘Chief Wahoo’ Protest Fights Fans' Backlash

VIDEO: AIM's ‘Chief Wahoo’ Protest Receives Backlash

The protest against the Cleveland Indians’ logo, Chief Wahoo, continued in Cleveland yesterday and was captured in a 26-minute video.

At Progressive Field during the Indians’ third home game against the Minnesota Twins, protestors chanted, “Change the name, change the logo” to fans entering the stadium in a video that was posted on April 6 to YouTube. One Cleveland fan, walked in the ballpark chanting back at the protestors, saying “keep the name, keep the logo.” The words “keep the Chief” were written on his shirt.

Other fans, who were against changing the logo, booed at the protestor as they walked around the stadium and held up signs that said “Racism is a Cleveland Tradition” and “Respect people and retire the logo.”

A few minutes into the video, two Cleveland fans walked through the protest line carrying a large sign with a picture of Chief Wahoo, which read “Save the Chief” in red, capital letters.

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Jude Schimmel and Jeff Waltz

“For 40 years now our people have been out here protesting this racist image,” said a protestor who identified himself as Vernon Bellecourt’s grandson. “This image that takes our culture, our religious symbols, such as the eagle feather, and degrades them down and degrades us down to a mere cartoon.”

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This video appears to be separate from the “It’s not racist” incident that occurred on April 4. ICTMN reported on the offensive event, which you can read here.

Watch the entire video below.