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Video: Aboriginals and Other Oil Sands Opponents Explain their Position

Video of protesters outside the House of Commons in Ottawa, demonstrating against the Keystone XL pipeline being mulled by the U.S. and drawing attention to the destructive nature of Athabasca Oil Sands development in general.
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Monday's protest outside the House of Commons in Ottawa against the Alberta Oil Sands netted more than 100 arrests—according to Greenpeace, which helped organize the demonstration, it was closer to 200—and brought together aboriginals and environmentalists from all across Canada.

In this video you will hear from Bill Erasmus, Chief of the Dene Nation, which has come out against the Northern Gateway pipeline proposed by Enbridge from the oil sands to the Pacific coast of British Columbia, and from Jackie Thomas, Chief of the Saik’uz First Nation and a leader of the Yinka Dene Alliance, which also opposes the pipeline.

"We are letting the Americans know that we do not support the Keystone XL pipeline," Erasmus said before hundreds of protesters, pointing out that he has gone to Washington, D.C., twice this year to let the U.S. government know that.

Read more about the protest and, after you've watched the video, peruse some of Indian Country Today Media Network's coverage of the Washington protests and surrounding issues, and click onto our slide show of aerial oil sands photos at right.

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