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VIDEO: A Tribe Called Red’s Video with John Trudell’s Words Featured in TIME

Featuring the poetic words of the late John Trudell, A Tribe Called Red has just released their latest video, for a song track entitled ALie Nation, from their upcoming third album, We Are The Halluci Nation, due to be released September 16th.

The video is a shout-out to the American Indian Movement's (AIM) occupation of Alcatraz Island, which started on November 20th, 1969. Trudell was one of the vocal leaders of the occupation and a chairman of the AIM during the 1970s.

Bear Witness, one of the members of A Tribe Called Red told Time magazine that his mother left home at 16 to join AIM. “One of the things that she brought [to my upbringing] was not only the politics of that whole movement, but also the things that grew out of it — and one of the things that grew out of it was John’s poetry and John’s music.”

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According to A Tribe Called Red’s website, “It’s no accident that Native American activist, poet and musician John Trudell is the first voice you hear on the collective’s third album, We Are The Halluci Nation, as the group considers him a forefather for this movement.”

In addition to the words of Trudell, the ALie Nation video also includes contributions from Colombian visual artist and musician Lido Pimienta, Native throat singer Tanya Tagaq and the drum group Northern Voice.

As Bear Witness toldTime Magazine, “In the U.S., if you’re in Indian country, people definitely know the name John Trudell ... (for him) to take a highly visible stand was such a needed thing.”

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