Video: A Personal Story of Cultural Genocide and Childhood Removal

Listening to this personal account of being taken from the reservation at a young age is difficult but necessary to understand the repercussions.

Her mother was born into the Quinault and Quileute nations and was taken from her grandmother around the age of 4.

“My mother was a product of the state-approved scoop that began in the ‘50s and ran through as late as the early ‘80s when it was legal to come in… to the reservations and to literally steal our children,” a woman named Becky recalls in the video.

“My mother remembered that day when she was taken from my grandma… she was taken with her sister and her brother,” she says.

“A strange man came from the Bureau of Indian Affairs came and took them,” she says while crying.

Listening to her story is difficult. But it’s necessary to understand the repercussions of these actions.

“That one act—what that did to the future generations of my family…” Becky says in the video.

Becky points out that she wasn’t going to share her mother’s story at first, but she decided to so she could honor her mother and the things she had to endure.