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U.S. treaty record no better

It is tiring to read all the articles concerning the Cherokee decision to remove freedmen who cannot prove Native blood. Rep. [Diane] Watson and the [Congressional] Black Caucus have taken the low road, playing the racist card and attempting to exterminate the Cherokee by legislation. If Rep. Watson had her way, all Cherokees would suffer and she seems to want it that way. She played the race card, but the only racism I see is hers against American Indians. Many wave the 1866 treaty like it was the Holy Grail while conveniently forgetting the U.S. government's lack of honesty regarding their various treaty obligations.

The U.S. government entered into 40 treaties with the Cherokee and I know this will be a shock to ''law and order'' Watson: It broke every single one of them. Apparently it is OK for the government to not to live up to its treaties.

If she has her way, the Cherokee will be forced to include non-Natives as members while real Cherokees that avoided removal and therefore were not placed on the rolls cannot be members. Ironic and, yes, stupid.

- Jim Greenwald

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New Paris, Penn.