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Urbanites count, too

It is hard to take seriously USET's call toward solidarity when the organization has no urban Indian representation and makes no place at the table for the 65 percent of its tribal membership that live in urban areas.

Brian Patterson's ''aggressive campaign to build alliances across Indian country'' could begin with the development of an urban component to USET. Real solidarity could begin there!

Urban Indians have long been shut out, in spite of the fact that most Indian people were forced into the urban areas during the relocation period. If we all returned home, what would the tribes do?

Patterson's statement, ''Relationship is paramount and everything else is derivative,'' could also apply to urban relationship. Many directors of urban centers, including myself, would be happy to start a relationship and the new era of activism.

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- Fay Givens

American Indian ServicesNational Urban Indian CoalitionLincoln Park, Mich.