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Urban Native Girl’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Are you struggling to figure out exactly what the love of our life truly wants for that special day? Here are just a few ideas to get that spark in your lover’s eye. Or if you are not currently in a coupling, you might just want to simply indulge yourself. Because isn’t the biggest love affair the one that we have with ourselves?

Totem Tank

A lady in red is always a good thing. This cute tank is perfect for wearing around the house or while on holidays to represent your Native pride. It’s made in Toronto under the label Pretty Raccoon, by Andrea Winkler. The tank is American Apparel so you know the quality is good and it has a relaxed fit to it. Layer it with other tanks or wear it overtop your bikini poolside. $30.

Get it @:PrettyRaccoon's Etsy

Lover Bird Lane

There’s no better way to show her that you love her than to make a statement with a ring. This gorgeous sterling silver ring symbolizes love and harmony between all people, and features a 14 karat gold heart nested between a raven crest and an eagle crest. The artist, Chris Cook, is from the Kwakiutl Nation in Alert Bay, BC. Remember that all that glitters really is gold. $210.

Get it @:Spirits of the West Coast

Color Me Coral

The classic cluster bracelet is a beauty that is sure to be admired by all; get it for her and she's sure to be the envy of all her girlfriends. This sterling silver cuff is laced with coral and will bring a fresh flush to her face. Created by Navajo designer D. Benally the beautiful bracelet will add a dimension of Native bling to her pow wow wardrobe. $177.

Get it @:Jewelry Navajo

Electric Eagle

If your guy is young and playful at heart, he'll love these bright briefs. The message is cheeky and I'm sure that you'll both have fun with them. This pair is by underwear company Ginch Gonch -- great for an adventurous, sporty type and who’s also slightly kooky. $16.

Get it @:Pacific Jock

Nifty Knife

For the guy who's rugged and also likes fine things, I present to you the turquoise folding knife. The castle dome mosaic inlay is stunning and gives it a refined feeling that will be welcome in both urban and outdoor environments. This grand gift is by Navajo artist Stewart Yellowhorse. Just be sure to get that copper penny in return to keep good faith in your bond. $285.

Get it @:Heard Museum Shop

Belt Bling

There is nothing hotter than a pair of jeans accented with some Native belt bling. This sterling silver turquoise version, by Navajo artist M. Spencer, is so great he should pair it with simple shirt so all of the attention is on the belt. Just be sure to hold him real tight when he’s wearing it out and about because he’s guaranteed to get a lot of attention. $425 USD.

Get it @:Jewelry Navajo

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