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Urban Native Girl Plays the Shady Lady

A sunglasses buying guide by Lisa Charleyboy

Here we are in the thick of summer—July, known as Buck or Thunder moon—and it's hot out there. Not just hot; it's bright, and you need to get seriously shady. Not that kind of shady, I am talking about sunglasses of course. Here is a sampling of some dope native-friendly designs I've come across.

Just Jackie

Imagine my surprise when I was scoping out the booths at the traditional Odawa pow wow and I spotted a little taste of old Hollywood amongst the wares. Tammy Beauvais, a Mohawk designer from Kahnawake, Quebec, had a pair of perfect oval shaped glasses for the glam girl who enjoys her pearls as much as her turquoise.

Get it @ Tammy Beauvais for $40 USD.

Tammy Beauvais men's sunglasses

Tammy Beauvais men's sunglasses

Revved Up

These men’s shades look like they belong on the type of guy who’s got his motorcyle waiting out on the street and he’s about ready for anything that comes his way. I could also see them on a guy with a crisp white tee shirt and linen pants and that would be his one signature accessory that gave him a whisper of danger. Either way these shades look like just the right shade of dark and dangerous.

Get it @ Tammy Beauvais for $40 USD.

Making Waves

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This ‘Rachelle’ style is the obvious choice for the girl who likes to make a big splash wherever her travels might take her. Designed by Tlingit/Komoyue Corrine Hunt, the artist who designed the medals for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, they are truly a work of art. They feature orcas swimming on the thick, metal arm. Available in champagne, smoke, and purple, there’s bound to be a color that will suit any journey.

Get it at Claudia Alan Eyewear for $45 CAD.

Josh sunglasses

Josh sunglasses

Bear Bravado

I love how sporty and versatile these "Josh" shades are. They would be totally at home with the sporty, rugged, outdoorsy guy when in the black/blue combination and I could see an urban metro dude sportin’ the white ones downtown at dusk. For the guys who like to play it safe and have a pair that will work just as easily with their suits as their casual gear on the weekend, I vote for the black pair. The bear design gives this style real bush cred.

Get it at Claudia Alan Eyewear for $39 CAD.

Mosley's Mirage

It's a clear case of "now you see it" and "now you don't." If you didn't pick up a pair of these beaded blockers last summer, you are out of luck my friends. The limited quantity sunglasses sold for almost $700 but I wanted to showcase them to inspire all of the awesome bead workers out there to get creative and get entrepreneurial. These are the kind of prized possessions that peeps really want to cover their peeps. So get on it, get a website and get them sold. I’ll be the first to feature them.

Photo credit: Total Eyewear !!!