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Urban Native Girl: Huntress on the Rise

I bought an arrowhead necklace over a year ago from an indie jewelry designer, and every single time I wear it, I get lots of compliments. It seems I’m not the only one who’s caught arrowhead fever, as mainstream celebrity and independent designers are all jumping on the bandwagon. Do you want to show how fierce you are? Here a few of my favorite pieces of arrow-inspired jewelry to give you a head start on hunting season.

Heart Hunter

Are you a lady looking for love? What better way to wear your heart on your sleeve … ahem … cleavage, than a lovely arrow? This piece is from the House of Harlow, which is created by socialite Nicole Ritchie. The entire House of Harlow collection is inspired by vintage fashion from the ‘60s, which provides consumers a plethora of haute hippie accessories to wear. This necklace is rose gold plated, giving it a unique patina.

House of Harlow 1960 - Arrow Drop Necklace - Rose Gold Plated at Ron Robinson. $80 USD.

Simply Sterling

Classic ladies should go with the style that best matches their understated elegance. And while this sterling silver necklace is still a tad trendy, the genuine cast arrowhead gives it the authenticity that will ensure it stands the test of time. The 24” length chain paired with the generous size of pendant, ensures that it’s perfect for layering and will never get lost in fabric.

Solid Sterling Silver Arrowhead at Gold Teeth Brooklyn, Supermarket. $100 USD.

Triple Threat

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Why go for one when you can have three? This triple threat necklace shows everyone who’s boss. These arrowhead charms are simply charming and will be sure to add character to any cool denim-cotton combo you’ve got on. The length of the brass chain necklace is 18.5”, which lends itself superbly to longer A-line style tops paired with skinny jeans.

Collected Arrowhead Pendant at Free People. $27 USD.

Shooting for Love

Don’t have a ring on it yet? Well, get straight to the point and show that lover of yours just exactly where your ring finger is located. This arrow ring is equal parts fierce and fabulous, so pick one up in your size and take matters into your own hands. This version has the same patina that will match the arrow necklace, if you feel like going for the (rose) gold.

House of Harlow 1960 - Antiqued Arrow Ring - Rose Gold Plated at Ron Robinson. $55 USD

Just a Touch

If you like the arrowhead vibe, but aren’t in touch enough with your inner hipster to pull of the full meal deal, why not try a sampling? These small silver arrowhead earrings are only 2” in total length and will still give you that sliver of danger that you’re after. They can be worn everyday or with a simple black dress when you have your hair swept off your neck. But be careful, ‘cause this could be a cupid’s arrow let loose on the town!

Arrowhead Earrings at Saylor Rose Etsy. $18 USD.

ICTMN style maven Lisa Charleyboy is Urban Native Girl.