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"Until the Eagle Falls" by Janice-Marie

CULVER CITY, Calif. ? "Until the Eagle Falls" by Janice-Marie Johnson with special guest Robert Tree Cody is an enhanced CD featuring the three mixes of the title song "Until the Eagle Falls." While it plays normally on any standard CD player, photos, a "making of" video and a biography of Janice-Marie are available when the CD is played on a personal computer. The single was released this year by Tastebuds Records.

"Until the Eagle Falls" has received four Native American Music Awards nominations for artist of the year, song/single of the year, best short- or long-form video and best producers for Janice-Marie's and John Barnes' work. Janice-Marie is somewhat of a veteran of the Nammys. "Hiatus of the Heart" won her a 2001 nomination for best song/single of the year and she was the closing performer for the ceremonies.

Robert Tree Cody, Maricopa/Dakota of the Salt River Pima, accompanies Janice-Marie with his flute and voice to create a beautiful duet. The melody "Until the Eagle Falls" is actually derived from one of Cody's traditional flute love songs. Cody won best male artist at the 2001 Nammys.

Cody had been helping Janice-Marie research her Stockbridge-Munsee/Mohican roots and invited her to a pow wow in Gallup, N.M. The inspiration for "Until the Eagle Falls" was born as a gesture of gratitude to the people at the pow wow for the love, unity and healing they introduced her to.

Janice-Marie is not new to awards and acclaim. Her career started back in the '70s with the multi-platinum hit "Boogie Oogee Oogee" from her first release "A Taste of Honey." The 1978 release won her a Grammy for best new artist of the year. The follow-up "Another Taste," 1979, won the gold prize at the eighth Annual Tokyo Music Festival.

Janice-Marie has a total of seven albums to her credit and is currently working on another, which is expected to leave the disco/R&B genre behind and celebrate her Native heritage with an African-rhythm twist.

You can learn more about Janice-Marie by visiting or writing to Tastebuds Records, 5855 Upland Way, Suite F, Culver City, Calif. 90230.