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Unseen, but Still in the Mix: Aranesa Survives on 'American Idol'

Native American vocalist Aranesa Turner is still alive on the current season of American Idol, despite not appearing on the most recent broadcast.
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On Thursday night, contestants on American Idol endured the second night of the "group" round, in which they must sing with other hopefuls, and at the end of the night many more dreams had been dashed. That's how it goes.

But viewers who tuned in to watch Aranesa Turner, Pomo, compete for a spot in the next round were understandably frustrated when the episode came to an end without so much as a note from her lips. (She had also been absent from Wednesday's show, leading many -- including ICTMN -- to presume she'd make an appearance Thursday.)

Whither Aranesa? Still competing, or out of the running?

To get the story, ICTMN contacted an American Idol representative, who confirmed that Turner did participate in the "group" round, but that performance was not used on the broadcast. The show is only an hour long, and is edited for maximum narrative and dramatic effect -- there's plenty of action that counts in the competition but is not shown on TV. Contestants don't know beforehand whether their performances will be included in the broadcast.

Such was the case with Aranesa Turner, who performed the Destiny's Child hit "Say My Name" with three other singers. The results:

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Contestant Rico Perkins does not proceed to the next round.
Contestant Priya Vedula does not proceed to the next round.
Contestant Athena Willford proceeds to the next round.

Contestant Aranesa Turner proceeds to the next round.

That next round of American Idol will air in two parts, at 8 PM on Wednesday, February 12 and Thursday, February 13. 

In case you missed it, here's the audition that earned Aranesa Turner a golden ticket to Hollywood: