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'Unless We Interrupt Your Sports, You're Not Paying Attention to Us'

ICTMN contributor Simon Moya-Smit appeared on Fox News to debate the Washington Redskins team name with Megyn Kelly and Jim Gray.
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Frequent ICTMN contributor Simon Moya-Smith appeared on Fox News last night to discuss the Washington Redskins and the letter sent by 50 U.S. Senators to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Kudos to Simon for venturing into the Bizarro-world of Fox News, where the narrative is predetermined and enforced by a 3-to-1 ratio. Predictably, the Indian in the discussion found himself explaining the basics of racism to three white people:

How do you score it? Interesting points being made here, and by "interesting" we mean less-than-accurate.

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According to host Megyn Kelly, if most people think something isn't racist, then it's not a problem. This is a strange argument that would invalidate every improvement in the public dialogue concerning race, since African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and American Indians are all minority groups. Ben Shapiro of "media watchdog" website said that this is not the most important issue facing Native Americans, therefore they cannot complain about it. Sportscaster Jim Gray, reading from notes we'd like to see, shared the utter falsehood that the NCAI designed the Washington Redskins logo. Wait, what? Shapiro quoted the U.S. Constitution, which is always a smart move on Fox News even if it's not relevant, and he and Kelly concurred that the real issue here is, as usual, that our darn government is too big for its britches. All three had stopped making sense well before the end of the segment -- Moya-Smith's kicker about interrupting sports was accurate when it comes to football and the sport of cable news punditry.