University of Wyoming unveils Chief Washakie sculpture


LARAMIE, Wyo. -- A new Wyoming landmark was unveiled Sept. 30 as the
University of Wyoming dedicated a painted 24-foot bronze sculpture, named
"Battle of Two Hearts," depicting Shoshone Chief Washakie on horseback at
the Battle of Crowheart Butte.

Washakie, the last chief of the Shoshone tribe, is remembered as a
statesman, a respected warrior and a champion of education for his people.
"Battle of Two Hearts" was created by Ruidoso, N.M. artist Dave McGary, who
also crafted the sculpture of Washakie that represents the state of Wyoming
in the U.S. Capitol.

In "Battle of Two Hearts," McGary captured the moment Washakie first raised
his lance to challenge Crow Chief Big Robber to begin the Battle of
Crowheart Butte, a fight over traditional Shoshone hunting grounds. After
nearly a week of combat between the tribes with no resolution and many lost
warriors, Washakie challenged Big Robber to a duel, promising that when he
beat his formidable opponent, he would cut out his heart. Washakie emerged
the winner, with Big Robber's heart on the end of his lance.