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Understanding Métis History and Aboriginal Rights

A young Canadian discovers her Native American ancestry and will present her research on Metis history at an upcoming genealogy event in Alberta, Canada.

Ten years ago, when she was just 13 years old, Jordan Sanregret started researching her family tree. Now, after having discovered her Métis heritage, she will give a presentation about her research, Métis history and the rights of all aboriginals in Canada on October 18 after the Grande Prairie & District Branch of the Alberta Genealogy Society general meeting.

According to a story posted by the Daily Herald-Tribune, one of Sanregret’s relatives was the “right-hand man of Canadian politician and Métis spiritual leader Louis Riel.”

“I didn’t think my lineage would be so exciting,” Sanregret told the Herald-Tribune. “It’s interesting, you even see some of my family members who died in the Red River Rebellion.”

The rebellion, according to The Canadian Encyclopedia, was a “movement of national self-determination by the Métis of the Red River Colony” that happened from 1869-1870.

Sanregret’s research into her family’s past was not an easy road.

“It’s very hard,” she told the Herald-Tribune. “There’s very little documentation toward Indians and even translating Indian languages into English is very hard.”