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Ultimate Fighting Championship's Dan "Hendo" Henderson, Walla Walla Tribe, Looks to Crush Opponent

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Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) has announced that Dan “Hendo” Henderson, Walla Walla Tribe, will fight Jon “Bones” Jones at UFC 151 on Saturday, September 1, in Las Vegas. This will be a title fight, with Bones’s light heavyweight belt on the line.

Henderson, six-foot-one, 205 pounds, is a tough, experienced fighter who’s held titles in both the Pride and Strikeforce mixed-martial arts circuits. The 41-year-old last fought November 2011, in a thrilling win versus Mauricio Rua, considered the UFC fight of the year. Hendo (29-8) is on a roll, having won his last four fights. With knockout power in both hands, skilled wrestling moves and a hard-as-nails mentality (“You can hit this guy with a baseball bat and he'll keep pressing the action,” one ringside reporter notes), Hendo is a force. But he’s meeting a taller, younger battler wielding an arsenal of devastating takedown tactics.

Warning—this video is not for the faint of heart:

Bones, six-foot-four, 205 pounds, fights out of Endicott, New York and boasts a 16-1 record. Although he’s fought just once this year (a win), he successfully defended his light heavyweight title twice last year. In addition to being a fierce wrestler, Bones is a jiu-jitsu and muay thai master. Look for him to exploit his outrageous reach advantage against Hendo: His 84.5-inch reach is 13.5 inches longer than Hendo’s. According to, fighters with a reach advantage of eight inches or more win 65 percent of the time.

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Also troubling news for Hendo is that six of his eight career losses were suffered at the hands of opponents six-feet or taller. Bones will be the tallest fighter Hendo has faced in his 15-year professional career.

Still, Hendo took the lead in pre-fight smack talk, questioning how “genuine” Bones is. "The fans sense when you are and you are not [genuine]. I'm pretty much who I am all the time. I don't know if they get that impression from him,” Hendo told “His whole attitude, it's not completely not genuine, but I think that is what the fans are turned off by. I don't know him personally, so I can't say if it's genuine or not, it's just the impression that I think that is what the fans get."

It never hurts to get the fans on your side, but Hendo will need to fight the fight of his life to avoid being hurt by Bones in Sin City. Ultimately, the fans will be the winners, taking in the labors of these two warriors during the long holiday weekend. The fight is on!