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UK Celebrity You've Never Heard of Apologizes for American Indian Costume

We don't know anything about Pixie Lott, but the UK celeb has learned at least one thing about Native American culture: It's not a good party theme.
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Five days after photographs from her cowboys-and-Indians birthday party sparked controversy online, British singer Pixie Lott has apologized. Though virtually unknown in the United States, Lott is a mega-star in the UK, known for chart-topping pop singles and regular appearances on TV.

It's an episode that involves celebrities that most people in America haven't heard of—thus it is, in a sense, utterly irrelevant. Yet the fact that an anti-stereotyping, anti-appropriation message penetrated the bubble of UK celebrity and became newsworthy in British media is a sign of just how far awareness of Native issues is traveling. 

On the other hand, Lott has ignored followers who requested she delete the photos—the two photographs of her wearing a feather crown and makeup are still live on her Instagram page. The photo that was posted first, with a caption that reads "Tigerlily is out to play tonight for final BDAY celebrations," has 374 comments. One critical response (via "It doesn't change the fact that it's very disrespectful. 'Cowboys' (meaning Americans/white people) killed Natives and forced them out of their homes. How is it in good fun when you're basically making a mockery of the genocide of a lot of people."

"I did see [the responses], and I am honestly so sorry if I offended anyone, it was never intended to happen," Lott told an OK! interviewer. "I apologize but I honestly meant it as an innocent thing," she added.

Party guest Jade Thirlwall, another young UK-only celebrity (she's in a girl group called Little Mix), posted pictures of herself in costume that have generated more discussion—this selfie is at 2,845 comments and counting:

Jade Thirlwall selfie from

Pre-party shot from of dancer/model Danielle Peazer (left), singer Jade Thirlwall (center) and stylist Aaron Carlo (right).