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"Ugly" Post About Gonzales Deleted; Firm Apologizes

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The conservative website Powerlineblog has removed a post that was highly critical of the Yaqui blessing delivered by Dr. Carlos Gonzales at the recent memorial service held in Tucson, Arizona.

(See "Gonzales Blessing: The Blogosphere Reacts" to read an excerpt from the post.)

Paul Mirengoff, the post's author, who had called Gonzales' blessing "ugly," has also offered an apology on the site.

Mirengoff is a Washington, DC-based partner at the international law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. While his post undoubtedly incensed many in Indian Country, he also upset some of his own colleagues -- notably James Meggesto, a fellow partner at Akin Gump and an enrolled member of the Onondaga Nation, who runs the firm's American Indian law and policy practice.

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The statement Meggesto posted to Akin Gump's website includes his own admission that he was "shocked, appalled and embarrassed by a recent Web posting by another Akin Gump partner, Paul Mirengoff, who posted on his personal blog an insensitive and wholly inappropriate criticism of the use of a Yaqui prayer." It also includes the following, from Bruce McLean, Akin Gump's chairman:

We sincerely apologize for the blog entry posted by Akin Gump partner Paul Mirengoff on his personal blog, Akin Gump is neither affiliated with, nor a supporter of, the blog. We found his remarks to be insensitive and wholly inconsistent with Akin Gump’s values. Mr. Mirengoff regrets his poor choice of words and agreed to remove his post.

That's how it's done. Over to you, Brit Hume.