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Two New Mexico Cities Oppose Navajo Water Rights

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The cities of Aztec and Bloomfield are preparing to contest in court the water rights settlement that was signed into law in December by Interior secretary Ken Salazar and former Navajo Nation president Joe Shirley, according to the Farmington Daily Times. The San Juan Navajo Water Rights Settlement grants approximately 600,000 acre-feet of diversions and 325,670 acre-feet of depletions from the San Juan River to the Navajo Nation; the cities and, likely, many San Juan County residents will push for an unspecified smaller amount. Both parties will have plenty of water on a day-to-day basis. The debate is over whether the cities will have the surplus they need should a drought strike. "This only really would matter in an extreme situation," said Lynne Raner, Bloomfield's Water Commission representative.

Full story: The Farmington Daily Times, "Aztec, Bloomfield oppose water rights settlement"