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Two Businesses on Tuscarora Reservation Burned Down

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Last night two businesses on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation in western New York burned to the ground, reported WVIB-TV.

A fire broke out early Tuesday morning at Tuscarora Propane and the Mount Pleasant Native American Gift Shop on the reservation just outside Niagara Falls. Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire.

While the fire dangerously approached some propane tanks, firefighters managed to control the fire in about 40 minutes, preventing further damage.

“It is a propane filling station, there was flames approaching the tank. Our key was to keep the tanks cooled and we didn't run into any problems,” Chief Tom Hoover of the Sanborn Fire Company told WVIB-TV. "Pretty much everybody knows if you see propane tanks here, your number one thing there is keep that cool, try to keep the fire away from that end.”

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Another company, Tuscarora Roofing and Siding, suffered smoke and water damages. The other two buildings are considered a total loss.

The businesses were empty at the time of the fire, and no firefighters were harmed.