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Turtle Talk’s Second Term Wish List: Vote Now

With President Barack Obama’s return to the White House for four more years, Matthew Fletcher has invited Indian country to vote on a “Second Term Wish List” on his legal blog Turtle Talk.

“Hey there, it turns out the President won reelection after all, after I had given him up for dead in the early summer (we know it was all Michelle),” Fletcher says on the posting. In addition to his role as keeper of the blog, Fletcher is a law professor and director of the Indigenous Law & Policy Center at the Michigan State University College of Law. “So what's gonna happen now? Let's vote on it. Naturally, I can't think of everything so it's okay toss in your own suggestions in the space provided.”

So, Fletcher has posted five options on his Second Term Wish List: passage of a Carcieri fix, passage of a Patchak fix, passage of the SAVE Native Women Act, the appointment of American Indian federal court judges, and “other.”

Fletcher posted the poll around 10:20 a.m. on November 7. In less than an hour, the top of the wish list was passage of the SAVE Native Women Act with 41 percent or 30 votes. The next priority was a Carcieri fix with 32 percent or 24 votes. The appointment of American Indian judges drew 19 percent or 14 votes with a Patchak fix and “other” tied at 3 percent or four votes.

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It’s not exactly scientific, but it’s fun. Fletcher says he’ll keep the poll open for an undefined “bit” of time so there’s still time to vote at Second Term Wish List. Not only can you vote, unlike the presidential election, you can also vote early and often in an effort to ensure your top priority wins. “Why not?” Fletcher says.