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Turquoise Intervention

A short film by Gyasi Ross about the epidemic of turquoise addiction
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I've always been fascinated by those shows Intervention, Animal Hoarders, et al. Compulsive behavior is fascinating and sad at the same time—for example, I've been freakishly obsessed with my fingernails since I was a little kid, and have a pair of fingernail clippers in my car. Always had one at my desk at work, in the bathroom, living room, etc.

(Not in the kitchen, though—don't want to accidentally bite into some trail mix and mistakenly think that you were eating some coconut flakes ... ew!!).

Anyway, I wanted to do a Native-centric "Intervention"-type video, and it was going to be either people wearing Pendleton or wearing turquoise. Fortunately, my beautiful (and truly turquoise-addicted) mom volunteered to wear a bunch of turquoise for me on video; we used to make family trips down to Monument Valley/Kayenta to see family, and since then she's been hooked. So I present to you "Turquoise Intervention." Please enjoy.

Gyasi Ross is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and his family also belongs to the Suquamish Nation. He recently wrote a book called Don’t Know Much About Indians (but i wrote a book about us anyways). You can get it at . He also writes for the blog “The Thing About Skins” for Indian Country Today Media Network with Robert Chanate. Finally, he also makes a bunch of silly YouTube videos and you can see those at . Gyasi’s email is