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Turning Stone Aces World Record with Awesome Card Trick

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More than 600 people set a world record at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York on Saturday.

Decked in red or white ponchos, attendees stood in position to form the aerial image an ace of diamonds playing card. A GUINNESS World Records official was present to verify and document the record.

The attempt was part of the Oneida Indian Nation’s month of planned festivities to celebrate Turning Stone's 20th anniversary.

The ace of diamonds playing card was chosen for its connection to Turning Stone's Diamond Card, the casino's coinless gaming and membership system, and for its simplicity, Oneida officials said. 

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"To create something as visually interesting as a giant playing card clearly fit our criteria to be approved as a new category," said GUINNESS World Records judge Philip Robertson in a press release.