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Turkey Take-Over! Feral Birds Flutter Into NYC for the Holiday

Turkey Take-Over! Feral Birds Flutter Into NYC for the Holiday
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The turkey take-over has begun. At least it has in New York City.

Thousands of feral turkeys have found their way into a Staten Island neighborhood. Video from the Associated Press shows dozens of live turkeys walking about in front yards.

Associated Press

“This started 13 years ago,” said Mary Jane Froese, a Staten Island resident in the video. “They came from the Staten Island Site Center down towards the beach; and then, they flew over the fence and multiplied.”

They are resting in trees, cavorting in front yards, and fluttering and pecking their way around the neighborhood.

“It’s funny because they are all out in the front of my house on Thanksgiving,” Froese told the AP. “I take pictures of them and send them to my son in Chicago saying, ‘Look at this. Thanksgiving is all out in front of my house!’ And I tell the turkeys, ‘I’ve got your cousin cooking in my oven.’”

The big birds even stopped traffic. 

Associated Press

Froese said that they’re beautiful birds, but also a nuisance. Government officials are trying to decide what to do with them. Dozens of the turkeys were rounded up and killed this summer, but they keep coming back.

According toKITV-TV, officials hope to slaughter some of the birds for local food pantries. Some residents, however, want them spared. 

“I would like to see them being transported away. I would like my grounds back.” Froese said. She said that the worst part is what they leave behind.

“I cleaned a hundred pound bag of poop! I hired my niece to do it. It’s disgusting,” she told the AP.

Turkey gripes have led to at least one arrest in Staten Island. The AP reported that a resident set off fireworks to try to disperse them from his block in 2007—and schemes such as coating turkey eggs with vegetable oil in hopes of preventing embryos from developing was another option to prevent eggs from hatching. But that did not work.

The wild turkeys also have a Twitter account. 

Associated Press

Turkey's in front of Froese's house.