Trump/GOP Agenda: Deconstruction Junction, That’s Our Function

Deconstruction of the federal government has already begun under Trump with the aim of creating an America run by corporate oligarchs in the near future

Just in case you haven’t got the message as to the Trump/GOP agenda, perhaps you are not listening. The Trump/GOP agenda has been articulated by the President of the United States (Donald Trump was selected POTUS by the Electoral College—that’s reality.), his financiers and advisers, his appointees and staff (voluntary and paid), the leaders of the Republican Party (GOP) and the 39 Republican controlled state governments. Their agenda is deconstruction of the federal government. They can’t have articulated this more clearly. What does deconstruction mean? What is the end game?

The end game is an authoritative government maintained by wealthy corporate oligarchs. This will be achieved by a permanent conservative pro-corporate majority Congress and a permanent conservative pro-corporate American Supreme Court, coupled with a weakened administrative bureaucracy, except for an authoritative presidency that is permanently beholden to corporate America and a corporate world structure. This permanent one-party domination will be complemented and maintained by permanent conservative majority of state legislatures and governors. In other words, a permanent conservative (GOP) takeover and a permanent one-party (GOP) dominated political system owned by corporate America oligarchs.

America will be run as a business asset, which has been the dream of wealthy oligarchs since the republic was put together by wealthy landowners and slave owners who wrote the U.S. Constitution. America (white male America, at least) was built on a principle of exploiting the natural wealth of the Americas—in other words, an asset to be monetized and exploited by business interests.


The U.S. Supreme Court has facilitated the corporate take-over by legalizing the corporate purchase of the U.S. Congress, the sale of the right to appoint federal judgeships, and the buying of state legislatures and of state judiciaries. Nothing short of an amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which will overturn the Supreme Court decisions that allow this corporate takeover, coupled with an amendment that would rid us of the Electoral College (which is one of the root causes of the extreme partisanship that threatens the survival of the U.S. as a Democratic Republic) will alter this trajectory.

Even our Armed Forces have become a tool of the corporate America. American national security is maintained by the ability of corporate America to exploit the natural wealth of other nations and is achieved by maintaining and using a permanent war-making capability. Eisenhower called it the military industrial complex. Empires have risen and fallen commensurate with their ability to take from others that which strengthens the empire, mainly the natural wealth the others hold. I don’t think it is conspiratorial, but rather it is the nature of mankind based in self-preservation and survival of the fittest. Our American society views the “fittest” to be the richest who are looked upon as the smartest and most able to lead because of their ability to accumulate wealth, by either legal or illegal means. The wealthy are privileged to either be the leaders or they are privileged to pick and choose the leaders. The Supreme Court has handed them the keys and put them in the driver’s seat.

So how does deconstruction facilitate the end game of the wealthy American oligarchs?

The American oligarchs are the wealthy billionaire families and their millionaire minions that now own 85 percent of American wealth. They have sucked the wealth out of the middle class, which has now all but disappeared, and rendered them to the ranks of the working class and working poor. These classes will be maintained in a permanent state of indebtedness and exploitation. Their labors will further enrich the corporations owned by the oligarchs and their corporate overseers and keep them in permanent servitude. Small business owners will survive only as franchisees of the corporations. No small business will be able to compete or survive without “joining the club” as a franchisee or by serving a need of the conglomerates. Witness the demise of downtown America in town after town by corporate franchises and so-called big box stores. The oligarchs now have people of their ilk in the White House and it does not matter to them if it is Trump or Pence or the Speaker of the House of Representatives or the President pro tempore of the Senate or the Secretary of State. The goal line is near.

Deconstruction, as articulated many times by Trump Chief Political Adviser Steve Bannon times in his previous incarnations and in recent public statements, means literally taking apart and/or weakening the administrative, judicial and legislative branches of the federal government and leaving them permanently disabled, devoid of leadership and hobbled in their ability to re-build, except when it furthers the interests of corporate America and the oligarch owners. This can now be achieved by doing away with Congressional Acts and administrative regulations pursuant to those acts, which they view as obstacles to unbridled capitalism and exploitation of the national wealth, especially our natural wealth.


The GOP has for decades iterated its goal of shrinking big government, which means the federal government must exercise less authority over business, industry, and commerce. The states would then have more authority in those areas under the guidance of a permanent conservative Congress. They believe that the capitalist economy should be constrained only by the bounds of a naturalistic free market. They present this platform to the poor, working class and middle class as the American dream, saying they also champion freeing individuals from the influence and constraints of big government in their daily lives. However, they don’t mind when the federal government and federal law and regulations favor the corporate exploitation of natural resources and the transfer of wealth from the poorer economic classes to the wealthy class. They also don’t mind when taxpayers bail big business out from economic harm they created for themselves. They also don’t mind when the law, or lack of enforcement thereof, assists in the creation of commercial monopoly in the form of vertically integrated conglomerate business models that kill competition and small businesses.

The oligarchs' hold on the U.S. government is served by the GOP strategies of voter suppression and voter disenfranchisement. It is also served by the GOP anti-immigration strategy of slowing or banning the immigration of non-whites and non-Christians. The recent appointment of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to Vice-Chair of President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission demonstrates the GOP intent of voter suppression. Access to voter information on a state-by-state basis is the ultimate goal. Kobach is the GOP expert on voter suppression and has been sued several times for violations of voter rights. One would have to be living under a rock to not know that the commission is about future voter suppression, not preventing voter fraud. The state-by-state gerrymandering of the GOP will maintain its lock on state legislatures and governor seats for decades, if not permanently.

The white nationalist bent of the current administration also serves the oligarchs’ and GOP strategy of suppression of voters who don’t think like they do, will not vote as they vote and will most likely vote for the opposition. Not only will Democratic voters in general be discouraged or disqualified from voting but African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, non-Christians, students, first time voters, naturalized immigrant voters and military voters will be targeted for suppression. Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into some of these strategies, especially at the state level, donated by the oligarchs and promoted by conservative action non-profits such as those created and funded through the efforts of the Koch Brothers and other billionaire oligarchs.

Trump and his white nationalist administration provides a perfect diversion of our attention away from the activities sponsored by the oligarchs and their corporate entities. Trump is more interested in making money and copying the kleptocracy of the Russian oligarchs he and his people so admire and work with. Russia’s billionaire class created out of the fall and fractionization of the Soviet Union and the privatization of Russian wealth, mainly through privatization of natural resources and other formerly state-owned commerce. It is not Putin so much as it is the Russian oligarchs that have set the example for Trump, some of whom are little more than units of organized crime. The privatization of the natural wealth and monetization of natural resources is on the table of the oligarchs and they sense a feast as they sharpen their knives. Trump intends for him and his family to be at that table; maybe even dominate it.

Harold Monteau is a Chippewa Cree Economic Development Consultant residing in New Mexico. He can be reached at or Facebook.