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Tribal gaming contributions maintain funding for Arizona

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PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Gaming

recently announced that tribal gaming contributions to the Arizona Benefits Fund are $77.9 million for the State Fiscal Year 2010. This is a decrease of 9.9 percent in tribal contributions from State Fiscal Year 2009.

“The nearly $78 million in tribal contributions is what it is,” said Mark Brnovich, director of the Arizona Department of Gaming. “It is a 9.9 percent decrease from the previous year, but still a significant source of funding for valuable programs.”

The annual tribal contributions in the State Arizona Benefits Fund will be distributed as follows:

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  • Instructional Improvement Fund/Education: $38,267,751
  • Trauma and Emergency Services Fund: $19,133,875

  • Arizona Department of Gaming operating costs: $8,000,000

  • Arizona Wildlife Conservation Fund: $5,466,822

  • State Tourism Fund: $5,466,822

  • Problem Gambling Education, Treatment and Prevention: $1,557,862

  • TOTAL tribal contributions for the FY10 ended June 30, 2010: $77,893,132

The Arizona Department of Gaming, in partnership with Arizona’s tribes, regulates Indian gaming. Under the Arizona Tribal-Sate Gaming Compacts, tribes with casinos contribute one to eight percent of their Class III gross gaming revenue to the state, cities, towns and counties. In Arizona, Class III gaming includes slot machines, jackpot poker, blackjack, keno and off-track pari-mutuel betting. There are currently 22 Class III casinos in the state. Tribes send contributions to the State Arizona Benefits Fund every three months.

“We are seeing similar decreases in other gaming jurisdictions as well,” Brnovich said. “There is no doubt that the state of the economy continues to affect us all.”