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Tribal Economic Development Office Wins Organization of the Year

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AKWESASNE, N.Y – On Nov. 16, 2010, St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Chief Monica Jacobs, Sub-Chief Pamela Brown and Tribal Economic Development Director Steven B. Cook were on hand at the Malone Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Dinner to receive recognition from the Chamber for their achievements.

“The category is quite broad and can include a variety of organizations but with one thing in mind: That they provide real, measurable help in improving life in the North Country,” remarked Chamber Director Hugh Hill. “The criteria are simple: Which organization has the greatest positive impact on the economic and cultural well-being of the North Country?”

The Economic Development Division has done a lot of work with the local business community to ensure their survival through training, technical support and financing. “We conduct workshops on various topics to address areas affecting the success of businesses,” Cook said. “We also work with the various agencies to promote cultural tourism and development of the arts community.”

The division has built and maintained partnerships with local, regional agencies to help the businesses access a host of services available. Both Director Steve Cook and Economic Development Planner Lindsay Tarbell serve on various county boards involved in business development and the arts.

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“Receiving this award from the Malone Chamber shows the impact that the tribe and its programs has on the region,” Jacobs said. “We are proud of Steve and Lindsay and appreciate their hard work and dedication.”

Teaching, nurturing and enabling people to create and sustain their own businesses allows them to stay in the area and support themselves and their families. “In our opinion, no mission is more important to this,” Hill said. “The opportunities that these small businesses will create for themselves and others will help ensure that the people of the North Country will always be able to stay in the North Country if they choose.”