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Tribal College Supports Sustainability

United Tribes Technical College is committed to sustainability and recycling and recently held a recycling day for Native American students.
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On October 24, also known as National Sustainability Day, United Tribes Technical College was raising awareness and encouraging students and staff to participate in the college’s recycling program.

The recycling drive in October was promoted with the slogan, “Let’s Fill Our Bins to the Brim!” Participants were encouraged to collect two recyclables, one paper and one plastic. Drop-off locations were set up in main buildings around campus by the college’s Green Committee, which is directed by Student and Campus Services. Large collection bins painted by students from the college’s elementary school were also available for drop-off.

The college has a lot of work ahead. Most of the brick and wood-frame buildings, constructed between 1900 and 1908, are poor examples of energy efficiency,” says a story in United Tribes News. “Over the past decade, all remodeling and new construction has incorporated modern efficiencies, like ground-source heating, energy efficient windows and passive solar design.”

In 2010, UTTC President David M. Gipp signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), which outlines concerns about climate change. By signing, UTTC agreed to pursue climate neutrality by reducing greenhouse gases and increasing sustainability.

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The next step for UTTC is to file its climate action plan with the ACUPCC by January 15, 2013. Planning work for that is currently underway.