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Tribal college students benefit from Lumina Foundation grant

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DENVER - The American Indian College Fund will use a $373,000 grant from
Lumina Foundation for Education to create a fund that will help American
Indian students achieve academic success.

The American Indian College Fund's Angel Fund will help
financially-strapped students pay for emergency expenses that sometimes
prevent non-traditional students from reaching their educational goals.

"Many students at the 34 tribal colleges have said that financial problems
at home and at school hinder their education," said Nicole Adams, director
of foundation relations for the American Indian College Fund.

"Problems such as transportation, health care and child care often require
extra money and attention - things our students don't always have."

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The Lumina Foundation grant will provide each of the 34 tribal colleges
with a one-time $10,000 gift to establish an Angel Fund. Each college is
responsible for identifying students in need and distributing money to

Next year, the American Indian College Fund will contribute money to the 34
Angel Funds while each college takes increasing responsibility for
fundraising to replenish the funds as monies are spent. Over a five-year
period, the American Indian College Fund funding will gradually diminish
until each college's Angel Fund is self-sustaining.

"Presidents of several American Indian College Fund institutions have told
us that emergency aid funds are the number one need on their campuses,"
said Martha Lamkin, president and chief executive officer of Lumina
Foundation. "The Angel Fund will let students know that people understand
that there are more financial obstacles to face than just tuition and
textbook costs. The American Indian College Fund and Lumina Foundation are
trying to address these needs."

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