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Tribal Citizens Not Exempt by Default—Fill Out Form to Avoid Tax Liability!

According to the Affordable Healthcare Act, there are nine exemptions from a citizen required to carry the minimal essential coverage of Health Insurance. One of the nine exemptions includes those citizens enrolled in a federally recognized tribe or Alaska Native Corporation.

In order to receive this exemption and avoid tax liability of not having the mandatory minimal essential coverage, American Indians and Alaska Natives must complete form OMB No.093-1190 "Application for Exemption for American Indians and Alaska Natives and Other Individuals who are Eligible to Receive Services from an Indian Health Care Provider."

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Myrna Gardner

You must submit your application to the Health Insurance Marketplace. Once you have been approved, the Marketplace will send you a “Certificate of Exemption.” This Certificate will include an Exemption Number with an approval letter. This is critical without it you are not exempt.

You will submit your exemption number with your federal income tax return. You must do this to avoid liability. This form and required documentation must be remitted for each member of your household. If you have kids, you must complete one for each of them or you as the parent will be liable.

Find forms at Remember, you can always seek local help:

Myrna Gardner—ICCM-F at present the president and CEO of 3R Products in Anchorage, Alaska, and Healthcare Recruiting Solutions, LLC, Managing Member—has forged an executive career in business, raised three children and served on the Local Boundary Commission, a constitutional body of considerable significance within Alaska and the Serve Alaska Commission.