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Travel Destination! Majestic Mountain Loop Wins Prestigious 2014 Poppy Award

Majestic Mountain Loop Wins Award
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Majestic Mountain Loop was awarded the prestigious 2014 Poppy Award from Visit California for the “Best Regional Collaborative Marketing Campaign” on Thursday, February 6. 

A collaborative partnership between the Visalia Convention and Visitors Bureau, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, Fresno Yosemite International Airport and Delaware North Parks and Resorts, Majestic Mountain Loop promotes visiting three National Parks; Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National parks in three days. 

The Visit California Poppy Awards honors industry leaders for the best in California’s tourism marketing and promotion. Visit California received a record number of entries this year and views the number of submissions as an indication of the health of the industry.

Launched in January 2013, Majestic Mountain Loop was formed to highlight and educate visitors on the close proximity of these three national treasures and the unique attributes of the surrounding communities.

‘The Loop,’ as it’s called, introduces the Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National parks to travelers who worried they did not have time to see all three or did not realize how accessible it is to see all three distinct parks.

“We host thousands of visitors each year, all hoping to maximize the limited time they have on vacation,” Rhonda Salisbury with the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau said in a press release. “The Majestic Mountain Loop highlights assets of each park, offers pre-crafted itineraries and shows time-crunched travelers how much you can experience in just 3 days.”

Gail Zurek, with the Visalia Visitors and Convention Bureau said, “The response to the Majestic Mountain Loop by travelers has been exciting. Clearly the ease of the 3 parks in 3 days resonates with so many.”

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Having the Fresno Yosemite International Airport as a partner allows the Majestic Mountain Loop to gain exposure in markets that fly into the airport.

*Compiled from a News Release

With direct international flights with Aeromexico and a strong relationship with Alaska Airlines, Majestic Mountain Loop has gain exposure beyond locals wanting to take a car trip.

“This concept and partnership however would not be possible without the support and cooperation of the National Parks Service,” Salisbury said.

“Our partnership with the National Park Service is key,” said Danika Heatherly, convention and visitors bureau manager for the Visalia Visitors and Convention Bureau, in a news release. “Not only do we encourage travel to these sensational destinations, but we’re spreading the message of preservation and working toward ensuring sustainable travel for future generations to enjoy similar experiences.”

For more information about the Majestic Mountain Loop visit:

*Compiled from a News Release