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Top Five Terms You'll Hear at a Pow Wow

These are the top five terms you'll hear on the pow wow trail.
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Welcome to Know Your Pow Wow lingo 101. Whether you grew up on the pow wow trail, been to one or two in your lifetime, or have never experienced the pulse and pageantry of a pow wow, these five terms will help you navigate the world of pow wowing.

Snag: To search for a date. ‘Snag’ is an interchangeable noun and verb, e.g. “She’s my snag” or “I’m going snaggin’.”

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Tipi Creep: If you failed at snagging that day, you may have to resort to tipi creeping. This is when you bounce from tipi to tipi or from tent to tent in search of a fling.

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“Hocha!”: The equivalent of hyping the crowd, ‘Hocha!’ is most often bellowed by the MC or a drummer to get pow wow-goers excited about the dancers, a song or the like.

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49: The after party. Commonly the location of the 49 isn’t known until the day of the shindig so as not to tip off the authorities (or Mom and Dad).

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“Aaaaaye”: This is your cue to laugh. Oodles of Indians will end a jest with an “Aaaaaye,” so if you weren’t there that day when Uncle Walt did that thing that was sooo funny his "aaaaaye" will let you know that it's time to appear amused.

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