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Top 10 Things to Say When You Meet a White Person

Funny, you don't *look* white...
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All Native Americans have had those encounters -- meeting a stranger of a different race who reacts to Indian-ness with a predictable comment about your racial makeup, or a common misconception about Indians, or a (probably false) story about his or her grandmother. It's weird, it's sometimes offensive, it's sometimes oddly touching. 

This list turns the tables, offering the NDN side of the conversation. Use carefully. Thanks goes to Last Real Indians for posting this one to their Facebook page

Top 10 Things Natives Should Say to White Folks

10. How much white are you?

9. I'm part white myself, you know.

8. I learned all your people's ways in the Boy Scouts.

7. My great-great-grandmother was a full-blooded white American Princess.

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6. Funny, you don't look white.

5. I'm not racist, my best friend is white!

4. Do you live in a covered wagon?

3. What's the meaning behind the square dance?

2. Can I touch your facial hair?

1. Hey, can I take your picture?

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