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Tonight: Patricia Michaels Is Back! Designer Returns to 'Project Runway'

Taos Pueblo designer Patricia Michaels again faces Michelle Lesniak on Project Runway -- will Michaels come out on top this time?
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Project Runway Season 13, which saw two Native designers make strong showings, is in the books—but for Native fans of the show, the fun isn't over yet. Tonight—Thursday, October 30—at 9 PM eastern, a new season of Project Runway All-Stars gets underway, and Patricia Michaels, Taos Pueblo, is back to pit her skills and style against that of other show alumni.

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Michaels finished as the runner-up on season 11 of the show, although many viewers felt the collection she presented in the finale was superior to that of the winner, Michelle Lesniak (who is also on Project Runway All-Stars). Whatever the case, it was a close finish, and Michaels' run made her a hero for Natives in an industry that so often misuses Native style. There was something a bit ironic about Michaels being on the show—while it certainly raised her visibility and that of Native designers in general, Patricia was already an established brand before the show, and has only continued to prosper in the 18 months since the finale.

Since the end of season 11, Michaels has received numerous honors, including the Taos Citizen of the Year Award 2013, Eugene Crawford Memorial Peace Pipe Award (presented by LaDonna Harris of Americans for Indian Opportunity), and the National Museum on the American Indian's 2014 Art & Design Award. She also ran a successful Indiegogo campaign that enabled her to show her PMWaterlily Couture Capsule Collection in September of 2013 during New York Fashion Week as part of "Runway the Real Way."

Project Runway season 13 contestant Korina Emmerich, Puyallup, with Project Runway season 11 runner-up Patricia Michaels. Source:

Gearing up for All-Stars, Michaels discussed her career and mindset in an interview on, offering the following thoughts on what makes her "All-Star material":

"I’m a hard worker and different. I continue to push the aesthetics of fashion and I’m committed to pursue the world of fashion with an atelier that I’m getting to build on my beautiful property, which will create fabulous collections and give to students who want to learn from me. I do shows with major museumsto try and convey a story that has yet to be told. I love working with new ideas and going out on the limb to execute something is daring. I now have some important established places that want my work. I’m always moving forward and reinventing till it works. I’m not afraid of the new."