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TONIGHT! Aranesa Turner, Pomo, Sings on 'American Idol'

Native American singer Aranesa Turner is performing on American Idol on Thursday, February 6.
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Aranesa Turner has confirmed on Twitter that she will be appearing on the episode of American Idol airing tonight -- Thursday, February 6.

Turner, of the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians, was selected at the tryouts held in San Francisco for a "golden ticket" to the Hollywood phase of the show. Appropriately enough, she performed "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Tonight she will sing alongside other hopefuls in an evening of group performances.

"That I've touched the life of even one person with my voice, that's worth more than a million dollars, a million diamonds and a million rubies," Turner told the Bellingham Herald. "It's everything to me."

Below is a video of Turner covering Beyonce's "Mine," as well as a few photos from her American Idol journey. She has been featured heavily in the promotional and advertising media for the show.

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Turner performing at the American Idol audition in San Francisco. Image source:

Aranesa on a bus... Image source:

Aranesa on a billboard... Image source:

Aranesa making an appearance on Fox 40... Image source:

Aranesa on the 'American Idol' Facebook page...

Aranesa on an 'American Idol' advertisement that aired during the Super Bowl. Image source: