Tom Cole Calls for Redskins Name Change (so Does Katt Williams)


Representative Tom Cole (R-OK), one of two Natives in Congress, yesterday joined the groundswell of support for a new name for Washington, D.C.'s NFL franchise.

"Come on," Cole said, according to Roll Call. "This is the 21st century. This is the capital of political correctness on the planet. It is very, very, very offensive. This isn’t like warriors or chiefs. It’s not a term of respect, and it’s needlessly offensive to a large part of our population. They just don’t happen to live around Washington, D.C."

Cole's appeal follows on statements made by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and the National Congress of American Indians. Another voice agreeing with Cole -- and it's hard to imagine what else they might agree on -- is comedian Katt Williams. "Do you understand the quality of racism that is?" Williams asks, in a video (below) posted to the internet last week. "Can you please not keep disrespecting the people we already admit we did wrong?"